Burning ring of fire.

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a long exposure of steel wool on fire. So I decided to try it this weekend. When doing this, you take a wisk or a caged box and put steel wool (0-0000) inside. You will get better results if you puff out the steel wool. After you add it inside, you tie the wisk or box to a chain that you would be able to spin. Of course you have to take the photo at night in order for it to come out. Pick a safe location, away from anything that could easily catch on fire. I picked a country road. Alleys, sewers, wet grass, or empty parking lots would work as well. DONT FORGET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Only YOU can prevent forest fires. Lol. Okay time for camera settings. ISO 200, f/8, with a 30 second exposure. I used these settings and it worked well for me. But you can mess around with them. Set your camera on a tripod and boom you’re ready. Set the wool on fire and start spinning and your picture should turn out. Be safe! This is very dangerous to do so I would suggest that you have someone go with you. Below is the picture that I took.



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