Benj Haisch – Photographer of the Week

Photofocus (old site)

benj_cpcHe’s a Seattle-based portrait and wedding photographer that’s been known to have “a natural talent for capturing real human-connection in his photographs”.  I would have to agree.  But the depth of his photographers go deeper than human connection.  This photographer seems to capture beautiful brides and stunning couples in front of the most iconic scenes in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Meet the exceedingly like-able and very talented portrait/landscape/wedding photographer, Benj Haisch.

Now, wedding photographers are a dime a dozen.  So what makes Benj a standout?  I’ll tell you.  Benj has combined his talent of capturing humans and beautifully placing them amidst nature — almost as if the picture would be serene with or without the subjects.  He doesn’t care what tool is in his hands and consciously strives to block out the pressures of the industry to shoot and act on what he loves.  And by looking at his…

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